Thursday, June 29, 2006

Report from Doctor

Well, I made it this AM to go to the orthopaedic surgeon's office. I did not sleep that great last night so I was really glad to go to the doctor's office today. I woke up at 9:20 a.m. (20 minutes AFTER I was supposed to get up - kept on hitting the snooze button). After eating breakfast, my husband and I headed on our way. He ends up dropping me off at the door while he goes to park my car. Since I was switching doctors, I had to fill our new patient paperwork, even though I have been seen by another doctor in the same clinic - 3 pages long. UGH! I only wait a few minutes before I am brought into the exam room. The nurse explained the doctor wants me to get another x-ray for the shoulder, even it's only been a year since my last visit. Then I go in and have x-rays done - which were uncomfortable to do because they expect me to put weight my left shoulder - UGH! Then the doctor comes in and looks at my shoulder. After examining it, she determines that the pain has been caused by a shoulder nerve impingment (NO surprise there!) caused an inflamed bursa and tendon. No cortisone shot...for now. I have been given orders to take it easy on the weights. (NOOOOOO! Ugh!) I need to continue with the icing, using the TENS machine, and increase the ibropfen to 4 - 200 mg. tablets. She said that if it does not help and lose more sleep because of the pain (oh NO!), come back in and she will go ahead with the cortisone shot. Oh well. More waiting. I just hope it helps. After the doctor's appointment, my hubby and I head to Lake Calhoun, which is only 10 minutes away, so I can run while he roller-blades around the lake. The weather was nice. The sun was shining and clear skies. When we arrived, I end up waiting for him to get his blades and knee pads on. We decide to run towards the boat launch eastward around the lake, which ended up to be a great way to warm-up the legs. I end up fighting with the headphones for my iPod for the first 1/2 mile or so. I finally get the earphones to work right, even tho' the wires are dangling as I slowly run, after I passed the 2nd of four beaches. My hubby had to sit down during the 1st 1/5 of a mile because of his ankle are not used to the blades. (It's been a while since he's done anything with them.) I then pass him again while he readjusts the strap on his blades. When I almost get to the 1 mile mark, I get a really sharp, squeezing pain in the right side of my ribcage just as I was slowly trying to get comfortable with the pace I am at. OH CRAP!! What the HELL am I supposed to? I am on the opposite side of the lake and need to keep moving in order to get back to my car. I slow down to a comfortable brisk walk for a few minutes. The pain slowly subsides a bit and get another burst of energy. I look my stop watch on my clock and see that it says, "22:10". I start to think, "Oh hell...I don't care. I will finish when I finish." I then slowly pick up the pace after I pass the 1 1/2 mile mark and keep the pace. No more pain...THANK GOD! At times, I had to slow down a bit because my lungs start to get twitchy from my asthma, but I pick it up again once the twitching stops. I then pass my hubby again, who's sitting on a park bench looking like he's been waiting awhile for me. (DAMN show-off! Pffffft!) I continue to run a comfortable pace. I focus my goal of reaching the beach where I started. I keep thinking, "I am getting closer....closer....closer...It's almost in my reach." I finally reach the beach with NO sight of my hubby. I then stop the stop watch on my clock. It reads, "37:59". HOLY @*$%!! I just ran 3.1 miles (5K) in LESS time than I did during my last 5K. WOW!! The pain was worth the awesome time that I did. Ironically, Lake Calhoun is where my next 5K race will take place. I am training for this race by continuing to run around it. Yahooo!! I finally reach my car. I see my hubby, who slowly taking off his blades. Since he had my car keys, I BEG for them so I can turn on the A/C. I was SO hot and needed a good breeze to cool off. Then I congraduated my hubby for roller-blading over 3 miles today. He looks at me tired and says, "WHAT?! You had to pick a bigger lake, didn't you?" The only thing that encouraged him to keep going around the lake was the half-naked girls in bikinis blading in front of him. UGH...typical male!! I then rewarded myself and recovered by going to Jamba Juice. I had a regular sized Mega Mango with a Protein boost while my husband had a Strawberry smoothie with a protein boost. We then drove quickly home so I can shower and head to work. I felt good when I got home 'cept for a sore knee, which I was able to take care of using Tiger Balm. I had to deal with the low and fatigue after my long runners high. Otherwise, I felt good. I just need to work on my lungs. I know that I can do much better. My husband, on the other hand, was complaining about his sore legs. I advised him to take a nice hot shower and use some Tiger Balm to take care of it. I am sure he wil know he feels after he gets up from his nap before heading to work tonight. Today's workout Run 3.1 miles Time: 37:59 Avg. mile: 12:19 per mile


jeanne said...

nice job pushing through the pain! thanks for dropping by!

Lisa said...

Way to cruise through the pain. You ROCK!!

Jess said...

You're brave for pushing through what hurt in order to get what you wanted out of your run. I would have whimpered home and comforted myself with a plate of brownies.

BTW, I used to live in MN. Miss it a lot -- such a beautiful place to reside.

sunshine said...

Take care of that shoulder. Hopefully you won't have to go back for the cortisone.

Take a look at my May 18th entry to get the story on what's up with my stupid abdomen/pelvic area.

sunshine said...

Take care of that shoulder. Hopefully you won't have to go back for the cortisone.

Take a look at my May 18th entry to get the story on what's up with my stupid abdomen/pelvic area.

Running Rabbit said...

Nice job! But I hope your pain subsides for good.

Girls in bikinis keep me motivated too! lol

Rae said...

Great job with your run!!!

Maybe following some guys with Speedos would help me!