Friday, June 30, 2006

Did someone say that I am busy??!

Well, first of all, good news - NO shoulder pain....for now. I slept okay last night..after I planned ahead with TENS, ibropfen, and biofreeze before I went to bed. I woke up a little stiff from yesterday's run - nothing that I could take care of using Advil, ice or Biofreeze. Today was going to be very busy so I made a special effort to get up little early today - 9:15. I needed to be out the door no later than 10:15 so I could be home by 12 noon from my work-out. After my usual breakfast, I headed out the door for my AM work-out. I did 45 minutes of cross-training to recover from yesterday's run before doing some weight training focusing on the lower body and abs. While I was working out, I ran into a former co-worker from one of my first jobs after coming back to MN from Colorado (over 12 years ago - ugh!) I knew that I recognized from a former employers, but where. After I finished my cross-training, I saw him as I finished up my weight training. I thought he worked the VA Medical Center, where I worked as a Pharmacy Tech (before I gave it up for another career). But he worked at the credit union that I worked as a temp receptionist and where I got my 1st auto loan. He's now living in Canada and visiting family back here in MN. Well, I finished my work-out around 11:45 and headed home - only stopping to fill my gas tank and get some lunch. I got home on time and jumped into the shower for a short shower. I had to be at class by 1 p.m. so I can re-take a section of Law Enforcement practical - a 3 hour lecture. I make it to class with 10 minutes to quickly rest and finish eating my lunch. The lecture was much better and more detailed than the first time I took it. I got more information this time, which may help me finally pass the class. I return home very quickly at so I can change and get my stuff together for work. I only have 10 minutes to quickly chat with my husband before I rushed off to work. Traffic was a PAIN when I was heading to work. People were trying to get out of the downtown area so they could return home plus there was traffic for the fans going to the Twins game tonight (Twins won over Milwaukee 8 to 2 - YES!) When I arrive at work, I sit down and my body goes into "I TRIED" mode. I start feeling really bitchy and crabby because I was SO tired from running around today. I did not want to do ANYTHING once I arrived at work. I was satisified with what I have done today, but my body needed time to catch up. Plus I was SO hungry and craving ANY carbs BIG time...and it wanted it NOW. I eventually after a hour of downtime - just sitting and trying to check my e-mail - get up and move around. It also took a 4 oz cup of Oregon Chai from the vending machine (Yummm!) that gave me the extra perk of energy. I then finished the rest of my homework that needed to done for the week. I can now relax for the rest of the weekend and enjoy the quiet because no one will be around during the rest of the holiday week. Plus I can get grocery shopping done and do one more cardio work-out tommorow. Today's Workout 45 minutes - Elliptical machine 4.25 miles 507 calories burned Lower Body and Abs Weight Training


carmen said...

I become a monster when I'm very hungry and just want any type of carbs in my mouth, stat! I was trying to imagine if you were a monster too. hehe

Whao, you kicked butt on the elliptical! Nice!

Running Rabbit said...

Busy, huh? Take a little time for you every now and then.