Monday, June 26, 2006

Break day!

Today I gave myself a day off from running or any other type of exercise. My hips needed it as well as my legs did too (as my previous post states). I also allowed myself to sleep in until 11 this morning, giving myself 30 minutes to get ready and eat breakfast before my two kids came over for their visit with me. The visit was a little bit shorter today because their dad enrolled them in swimming lessons that started 5 p.m. My work schedule is a challenge at times to spend time with them since I work 2nd shift, but much easier now that I can finished with school...until Friday when I go back for 8 classes within 3 weeks to re-do one section of my LEO practical. I love the time that I have with them, when I do. I try to keep it relaxed and simple for them. Today was no exception. When they arrived, my husband, Eric, was still asleep from working 3rd shift. I popped in "Fraggle Rock - Season One" in the DVD player (from NetFlix) and sat down to watch it with them until Eric woke up. Around 1:30 p.m., my daughter, Eva, woke up Eric (after asking me to do so). I went to look up the showtime for "Cars", which we have been waiting to see for 3 weeks now. I have a good friend, who works at one of the local theatres and has helped to get us in free to see some of the kid-friendly shows. It has saved me a little bit of money, but still end up spending money to get the concession food - popcorn, pop, and candy for us (water for me). I see that the next showing was at 2 p.m. So we left and drove to the local theatre where my friend worked at. We get there just as the previews were playing - no big deal. I have to say that "Cars" was really good, if you have not seen it yet. It will definitely will be one movie that will purchased when it comes out on DVD. After the movie finished, we quickly drive to bring the kids home...a little bit late, but still on-time so they can get to swimming lessons. Then my hubby and I head to Pep Boys to look for stuff for "my baby". I was able to find new blind-spot mirrors and get new headlight bulbs (which have not been replaced after over 61,000 miles. After Pep Boys, since I am really hungry (did not eat much at the theatre), we head to Chipolte for a very late lunch. I end up with my usual veggie soft tacos. (Very yummy!) I leave stuffed and very satisfied as we head home. I am SO happy that it's my first of two days off. This week will be a busy one for me. Back to cross-training tommorow. To all of the Cubbie fans, my condolences once again. The Twins fans brought their brooms today and SWEPT! Too much power being in the DOME.


teacherwoman said...

Wahoo! Way to go Twins!

Nicole said...

My nephew was at the game - his first baseball game ever. He was so sad as he now lives in MN but his dad is a native of Chicago so he was sad. But, he's 2 he got over it quick

David said...

Go Twins! (I used to work for them back in the 70s)